Keilee Alldredge

Keilee Alldredge

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thy pure word, hath it been my one delight May 9, 2016

Catherine's Baptism

Catherine Garrod got baptized on Saturday! YAY!  The spirit was so
amazing there, her mom was crying because of it. We hope that this
will open doors so that her mom feels comfortable coming to church

This week, we went tracting a lot. We've been trying so hard to find
new investigators. We got two referrals yesterday, one was for an old
man named John. He lives out by Cooper Creek Reservoir. His boss is a
member and sent us to him. He asked lots of questions, so we are going
back to meet him tomorrow! Yay!

We finally taught Jose the Word of Wisdom! He came to church on
Sunday, we didn't even have to pester him about. In church, they
taught about the law of tithing, so maybe he will have questions when
we see him next.

Mother's Day was awesome! I loved talking to my family. We had a great
day overall.

This week I have realized so much of the small things that I have
learned over the time I have been here in Sutherlin. There truly is
power in the gospel, and God is with us, as He has been with his
people through all time.  The line in the subject heading is from my
new favorite hymn, Savior, Redeemer of My Soul.

Love you all! Helaman Chapter 5 verses 12 & 47.

God bless you! 😇 May 2, 2016

Chris's Baptism

We had the busiest weekend of my life! Well, first off, on Thursday,
we were very stressed out with everything happening this weekend.
Turns out Sis. Lunt and I handle stress differently. I get super
annoyed at everything. And Sis. Lunt gets annoying. It didn't really
help much that we were stuck indoors to do weekly planning. But I
guess on the bright side, we had cheesy biscuits and cake for lunch.
I know. We have just accepted the fact that we are poor, and will eat
anything in the apartment. Especially when it is at the end of the
month. And that we are getting fat. So yeah. 😩

Friday we had training for Sis. Lunt ( she taught the Law of Chasity in
a role play to a lesbian couple and their transgender
friend...elders.) and district meeting (on obedience). We quickly got
back, had lunch, then got a ride with a member to Drain to have a
lesson with Catherine. Catherine is still on date for this weekend (May 7th)- 

it will be a sweet reminder for Mothers Days to come.

Then after her lesson we drove to Oakland and had a lesson with Ron
and Ryan. Ryan asked REALLY good questions (like usual) and Ron
wanted scripture proof. We taught the Plan of Salvation, so of course
they were a little overwhelmed with it all. Ryan left today to move to
Montana, so he's gone. We are going to miss teaching him! We forgot to
get a picture with him, so that's sad. Ron is still sad that his wife
is gone, which is totally understandable. Please pray for him.

Saturday was Chris's baptism! Oh it was wonderful! The spirit was so
strong, and when he came up, the first thing he said was: " It is
finished." How wonderful is that? To know that your search is over,
that you have found the true church, God's church.

When he was confirmed yesterday he became a completely new person. The
joy that was on his face made him glow. Truly, he has felt the song of
redeeming love.

Yesterday we put on a temple fireside, centered around the temple. A
couple from the temple presidency came. Their names were Brother and
Sister Puente. The spirit was so peaceful, calm and powerful as they
spoke, it made me want to go to the temple, to continue to have the
spirit of the temple in my life.

Jose said a kneeling prayer this week! He said  "God, if this is the
right way for me to go, please give me a sign." He was speechless for
a moment or two, for the power of the spirit filled the room. Warmth,
light, peace, and the power of God, all in one moment. What a powerful
moment. Jose said: "Wow. I really felt something there." His heart is
changing. Slowly, but progressively. I do not think I will see him
baptized, but I am so grateful that I have been able to feel the
spirit with him.

Love you all! God works miracles! Pray that we will find prepared
people this week! 😊
Sis Keilee Alldredge

P.S. Everyone says "God bless you" here. And there are patriotic Mike and
Ike's at Dollar Tree. Welcome to Sutherlin- conservative hippies all
in one.

Yes, I picked up a snake. No idea what it is, but ya know. Service brings blessings!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

"Are you crazy?" 😳 April 25, 2016

Man this week just flew by!! I can't believe how fast the time goes!
Because some missionaries are misusing their cars and or miles, we aren't allowed
to go to Roseburg anymore on P Day. So today, Sis Lunt and I rode our
bikes to Sutherlin Visitor Center to look for hikes we could do around
town. Also today, a member called us to have me help with a swarm of
bees. Goodness gracious. Handling bees in a SKIRT is very frightening.
😱🐝🐝🐝 I got chased by a bee, so that was fun.

Anyways, Sunday was Stake Conference, and Chris came with his wife
Connie, and also JOSE CAME TO CHURCH!!!! 😆😆😆 Oh it was glorious! He
is feeling the spirit and he wants to change. He told us this past
week that his life was perfect. He had a job, and he raises racing
pigeons. But between his work and his hobby, he felt like something
was missing. He prayed in his heart, 'God, what do I need to do?' I need
help to find that missing piece. And low and behold, we show up. I
have seen so many people change. So many people place their faith in
God because He answered their prayers. He is so cool.

Chris is still good to go for his baptism! It's this Saturday, so
pray that he will still be able to feel the spirit working in his

We went tracting on a side street by our apartment, and this older
gentleman was outside, yelling at his kids -gruffly and loudly. As we
progressed up the street, we kept giving him sideways looks, until
finally, I just walked right up to him (Sis. Lunt whispered frantically
behind me: " Are you CRAZY?!?!" ). Turns out, he was sick or
something, so he sounded a lot worst than he actually was. His name is
James, and we were going to stop by and see him later this week. Who
knows? Maybe he will be a new investigator by the end of the week!

Love you all! Thanks for all the prayers! Your the best!

Touching cows and sowing seeds! April 18, 2016

Blackberry bushes grow so big here.
What a great week! Full of ups and downs! Just like missionary life
should be.

We had a lesson with Jose. We gave him a church tour, and he thought
it was all very interesting, especially when we told him that
President Monson raised pigeons too. But the best part was when we
walked into the chapel. We stood there in awe for a moment just
feeling the power from above. We had a great lesson with him about the
gospel of Jesus Christ. We pestered him all morning before church, but
he decided not to come. But he wishes to be baptized on May 14, so
pray for him!

We had the greatest lesson with Ron and Ryan. Oh they make us so
happy! They just feel like family. I guess that is what charity is
like. Ryan has had interesting experiences in the past while serving
in the military, and totally believes in God and has completely turned
his life around. It's funny because he said he used to think Mormon
missionaries were desperate. But now, he is really considering
baptism. Ron is a little hesitant, but that's kind of expected with
everything that has happened lately with his wife passing away
recently. He really does want to get sealed to her, so that will help
him out. We taught them the restoration on Tuesday. On Sunday,
we had a lesson scheduled in Drain. We had a member take us there, but
the lesson got cancelled. We then felt as if we should go see Ron and
Ryan at their ranch ( which by the way, they let me pet their baby cows,
oh that was so awesome!) and they just bombarded us with questions.
Good questions. It was such a blessing to go and see them, we just
love them so much.

We ended the week with a lesson with Chris. This week we taught him
the Word of Wisdom, he wants to get baptized on April 30th! He, at first, was a
little hesitant to give up coffee, but as soon as he  decided that he
was going to try it out, the Spirit touched him. He felt so much joy,
and he knew he was making the right decision.  Pray for him and his
wife, Connie. They are so close to being just perfectly happy
together. We meet he best people here.

We went tracting all day on Friday and Saturday, and didn't find
anyone. It was really discouraging. But I can now testify to you that
I know that the Savior will uplift and help us through whatever
challenges we are going through. He can give him our weaknesses. He
can uplift us.

Alma 26 is now my favorite chapter. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

6 Months? Whaaa…? April 11, 2016

Oh my goodness! Time flies when you are having fun! I have been out
for 6 months, and so I am 1/3 of the way done. I can't believe it! I
feel like I just got here! It's so awesome, I have learned so much and
am still learning so much. It's great. I love being on a

On Thursday we got a referral from missionaries elsewhere in the
mission, and we had time to go see them. They live out in Oakland, and
so we were all giddy and excited heading up there in the 20 min drive.
Turns out, he lives on this hill out in the country, surrounded by
cattle and fields of green. His name is Ron, and at first, he wasn't
there, but we felt like we should wait. Right when we were about to
leave, a young man drives up on a four wheeler.

The young man is named Ryan, and is a nephew in law to Ron. Ron soon
drove up on a tractor, 🚜 and got out to talk with us. Both of them are
ready to take the lessons. Ron's wife recently passed away (she was a
member) and he wants to get baptized to get sealed to her.  Ryan is
eager to take the lessons too. We have our lesson with them on

Chris is progressing well! We tried to get him on date for baptism,
but he wants to read the Book of Mormon all the way through before he
decides on a date. But he and his wife are super cool, they made us
cookies! 😆🍪🍪 he is reading a lot, so hopefully he will decided on a
date. I'm so excited for him!

Loretta is doing great still! She bore her testimony to all the
missionaries in our zone. It was so powerful and simple, it was great
to hear it. She told us afterwords: "There was so much of the Holy
Spirit in that room, why not I use the Spirit to help me testify?"

Dana, an investigator who reads anti stuff, came and got a church tour
by us. Haha, he was thinking we had some crazy animal sacrifice things
in our church. His heart was a little softened by the simplicity and
gentleness of our church buildings. Maybe we will get some headway
with him?

Love you all! You are great! I can truly feel all your prayers and
know that you care about me! I wish you all a great week!

Sis Keilee Alldredge

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Jumping spiders and drunk bonfires! April 4, 2016

The only ones at the Chapel for Saturday General Conference. 
What a week! We went down to Grants Pass, a super long drive.  We drove
for almost 2 hours to get there, we had a meeting with our mission
president and the APs. We learned a lot about the restoration of the
gospel. If you really look into it, God has never forgotten his
people. He has always directed the work and loved his children
throughout the ages. Just think of the wonders and blessings of the
temple for those who lived during the dark ages. Their joy must have
been great when Joseph Smith received the vision of the temple. So go.
Go to the temple. And make this promise true:  1 Corinthians 15:55-57

General conference was amazing. There was so much raw emotion, so much
love and charity. These men are truly chosen of God. My testimony has
grown so much. So many prayers were answered and I have grown so much.

As with investigators- here's a story for you: we knocked on a part
member family and the father is not a member. He sent us on our way.
Just last week, they were visited by home teachers. The father- Chris,
told them that he is actually interested in learning about the church.
We have visited with him for two lessons and he has just accepted
everything we have taught him. He has progressed so much! He even
asked us about baptism!  He is awesome!

Loretta is doing great! She loved General Conference!

We went out driving, looking for a part member house, and drove past
the biggest bonfire of my life!! 🔥🔥🔥😱

Hope y'all loved General conference! Love you all!

Can it get any better than this? 😎 March 28, 2016

Loretta's Baptism

Easter Baskets from Members
What an exciting weekend! So many great things have happened since Wednesday!

"Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. " haha,
Princess Bride is mine and Sis Lunt favorite movie. I think we quote
it all day long. That, and The Incredibles. I miss movies.

Anyways, we had dinner with Loretta on Friday night. She invited her
son over and didn't tell him we were coming. Haha, they were so
surprised to see us there! Chase, Loretta's step son, came up from Las
Vegas to baptise Loretta. It was such a blessing. He really didn't
have to come up to baptize her, but he did it to make her happy. That
is true Christ like service.

So, On Saturday, we had an amazing baptism! The spirit was so strong!
Loretta is amazing! After her confirmation on Sunday, you could just
see that she was glowing. She is so happy. And I am so happy that we
could be here to witness her baptism. Truly God is in the details of
our lives.

Easter was great! We had an investigator come with her family- Chelsea
is her name. Please pray for her! She struggles a lot with fear,
especially of a fear of being outside due to past experiences. She is
ready to be baptized, she just needs to come to church! Which, it was
a huge blessing to see her there on Sunday.

Some members hid Easter baskets in their house for us to find. They
literally buried them under things. But, it's delicious chocolate! I
love how nice they are to us!

We went out tracting in a poorer part of town. The homes are barely
standing it seems. The people inside are even more so, with tired eyes
and sunken faces, prisoners of the drugs they take. We figured they
would be more receptive on Easter to our message. We talked to three
people, the first- Joseph- just got out of jail and had " accepted
Jesus Christ" the night before. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he
accepted it wholeheartedly. The second only politely watched the
video. But the third was amazing. He is of Hispanic background, and
watched the Easter video. He loved it! We then lead our conversation
to speak of the restoration of the gospel, and Sis Lunt did an amazing
job of reciting the first vision. The spirit was so sweet and tender
in that moment. We are meeting with him later this week.  The spirit
around him was wonderful, a splash of fresh air among all these hard
hearted people. He is totally going to be baptized!

I think I am learning that the gospel is for everyone. It doesn't
matter who you are, or who you were, but the Savior sees you as who
you can become. The Holy Ghost has lead us to amazing people who are
prepared to receive the gospel. The Lord is in this work! Don't forget
that, as members, we too are in charge of bringing souls to Christ. So
think of that friend, of that family member, and pray for the
opportunity for them to hear the gospel - through you.

Love you all!

The Light of the Perfect Day March 23, 2016

Medford Oregon Temple

Sis. Lunt and Sis. Alldredge @ Meford Oregon Temple

Such an amazing week! Today we got to go to the temple, which, the
Medford temple is small, but it reminded me a bit of the Oquirrh
Mountain temple. It was totally needed! Since being in Sutherlin, I
have felt a bit lost and confused, but I'm not even sure why or for
what reason. I figured that Satan just really doesn't want us to be
here, and really tries to use discouragement to get us to doubt
ourselves and forget who we are. But as we were in the temple, I just
felt so much peace and comfort. I'm where I'm supposed to be, and God
is on my side, there is nothing to worry about.

Some more great spiritual things happened this week:

1) A young man named Adam just converted to the gospel about 2 years
ago. He is preparing to serve a mission, and we are helping him out
with that. He and his family live very humbly, a shack and tents in
the middle of town. The father earns a living by selling wood and wild
mushrooms (welcome to Sutherlin!). When we got to their house, we felt
really good about the family, knowing that maybe, because of their
son, they might be willing to change too. We knocked on the door, and
there was no answer. So we got back into the car, and I started to
name off people we could go see- we had about an hour before dinner. I
stopped mid sentence and said to Sis Lunt: "you know, I feel like we
should just wait." Sis Lunt: " Me too!" So we waited. And waited. And
waited. 5 mins go by...10 mins go by.....30 mins go by...the whole
time we are waiting, we prayed probably three times trying to figure
out what to do. It felt more like a suggestion, nothing too strong,
just: wait. After 40 mins, we decide to leave. Right when I put the
car in drive, the family pulled up. Such a miracle!  It was good we got
to meet them, they are such kind people. They invited us to garden
with them, or even come by later in the evening to their fire to relax
from the day. We might bring marshmallows one day and share a
spiritual message. 😉

2) We were driving down a street that we had tracted the first week we
were here. I felt, suddenly and strongly, that we were to go see
Brian. The last time we saw him, he talked about unrelated things and
also how his life is going downhill. So, we knocked on his door and he
answered, and told us to come back the next morning. We did, and he
came out in a bathrobe to smoke, drink and talk "religion" with us. He
was basically falling over....but he didn't even let us talk he was so
energized and jumping all over the place. Eventually we left, trying
to figure out why we felt so strongly to see him. Later that day, we
saw him at the soup kitchen we volunteer at, and overheard his friend
talking:  he said, "when I was as depressed as you, the only thing that kept me
going were friends that knocked on my door."  We feel like we may have
saved his life. Or maybe not. We may never know.

Yesterday, we had a powerful lesson with an investigator named Mike.
He is an older guy who LOVES old cars (see picture). He has so many
questions about life and religion in general. The lesson was super
spiritual and I felt such love for him. The lesson reminded me of a
story of the conversion of a Catholic. He said "here they were, 18 and
19 year old adults, who knew the answers to the deepest, most profound
questions of all time. They knew the answers. And they knew them to be
true. And they knew I could know them to be true too."

We have Lorettas baptism this week! She is amazing! Whenever we have a
lesson with her, the Spirit just lifts all of us up! I love her so
much! And yet, us being here is just a small part of a bigger plan.

If nothing else, please read: The Light of the Perfect Day in the
March 2016 Ensign! Love you tons! Thanks you for your prayers!

Sis Keilee Alldredge

Mike's Classic Car

I'm a tree hugger!🌲 March 14, 2016

This morning, we went on a hike and I loved every minute of it! I
learned a lot about the plants here, especially about plants you can
eat! It was exciting! We saw a waterfall as well, it's called the
Susan Creek Waterfall.

Loretta is progressing well, and is still super excited to get
baptised on the 26th. But even more amazing is seeing how her husband
is progressing. His name is Alan, and was less active for a number of
years. He is starting to completely change his life around, trying to
bring the Holy Ghost back into his life. He has changed so much!

I am learning a lot. I have felt as if Satan is really trying to wear
us down, but on Friday we had interviews with our mission president. I
told him of my concerns, but I have also realized that I need to grow
my testimony of Jesus Christ. So, I am going to study the parables of
Jesus Christ. I love you all! God truly is in this great work!
Sis Keilee Alldredge

Have the donkey and elephant let you down? Turn to the Lamb! March 7, 2016

So! This week has been such an adventure! I was sick for most of the
week, and Sis Lunt got it too, and then Satan has really just been
beating us down. We got blessings after church, and that really has
helped us out.

Nothing really exciting happened at the beginning of the week, but
THEN Thursday happened.

We had dinner with a member who said it was a Brazilian dish-chicken
stroganoff. But, just kidding! We asked her the ingredients, she said:
"oh it's ketchup, mayo, and mustard. And mushrooms. On chicken and
rice." So condiments soup. Delish....

Then, we drove out in the boonies to contact a less active family.
They had been taught pretty regularly, so we weren't too worried about
it. But we drove up this dirt road, to her gate, and she thought we
were drunk girls. Haha, we are anything but! As we drove into the
yard, I knew we were in for it. We walked into their mud room, and
there was their washer and dryer, covered in dirt. They haven't been
touched in years! Then, on the table was a bowl of FUZZY LETTUCE!!!!
Yuck! Their house was hot, and dank and full of stuff. But we taught
them the restoration, and the Spirit was there. It's important to
really love people, no matter their living situation or who they are.
The love of Christ fills you as you serve people, because that is what
He would do. However, we are eating dinner there on Thursday. Sis Lunt
isn't too excited.

Saturday was the best day ever!! We have an investigator named Loretta
who has been meeting with missionaries for about two months. She was
waiting for her stepson to baptize her, as he is a return missionary.
Problem is, he is in Las Vegas. But they haven't talked about it, or
setting a specific date. So we got a hold of him, and asked him to
come up on the 26 of March to baptize her.  We had a lesson with her,
and her husband was there as well! We told her he would be up on that
day, as she just starting crying and laughing, and both of them were
hugging and laughing. Oh it was joyous to behold. She is so happy. And
she knows without a doubt that this church is true. Her husband has
decided that he wants to get back to church, to repent and change.

They both came to church. This is why I am on a mission.

Love you all!
Sis Keilee Alldredge

P.S. - the subject heading quote is from a different church
advertisement. I thought it was hilarious.

"If ye hear them banjos, yer too far in them woods!" - February 29, 2016

My entire perpesctive of Oregon has completely changed. You think it
liberal here? Think again!

Sutherlin is amazing! It's such a cute small town, full of trees, and
green rolling hills and rednecks. And cows. It's awesome. I'm starting
to understand more about why I was sent here to Oregon. I love it. :)

On Wednesday night, all the trainers were together for a meeting. It
was so spiritual. I was a bit nervous to be a trainer, but after that
meeting, I felt that God loved me so much and that I could do this-
that our calling is great as missionaries, that our authority is above
that of the kings of the earth, and that we have a work to do.
God is calling me to do this, and he knows that I can do it. My fear
was swept away.

We got here on Thursday. Early that morning, we were in the meeting
for the new missionaries, and a friend from home was there- Sister
Hannah Lunt. We sang to them and the spirit was so strong. It was
amazing.  Then President called me up to find out who I was training. I
was praying, hoping, but expecting anything to happen. He called Sister
Lunt!!!!  Ahh! We were so happy, elated with joy! President talked with
us afterwords, he said that he felt strongly that we were to be
together long before he knew that we knew each other from before. I
still can't believe that God is so merciful to let us come together.
We were joking that we were at school together and we worked together
but it took till we were together on missions to be friends. And I
love her so much!

Haha. I am completely stupid. First night together, we went driving to
find our ward mission leader's home. We got mixed up with addresses,
and so drove WAY out in the boonies (well, not that far, we didn't
hear a banjo…) but I turned around using a person's driveway, and
well....drove INTO A DITCH. Our back tire was above our heads, I'm
surprised our car didn't flip! It was so BAD! Oh, Sis Lunt was having
the time of her life. Thankfully, our car only had mud on it. Also,
that happens pretty regularly out there, and so the person we drove
into his ditch helped us get out. He was so kind, but wasn't
interested in learning the gospel. Haha, pretty weird missionary

Anyways, the experiences we've had so far out here have been amazing.
We invited two people to be baptised. We are working with children
mostly out here, and I am finding that I need to change my teaching
style drastically to teach them. But the beautiful thing about the
gospel is that a child can grasp it, but it takes a lifetime to learn
all of it. There is lots of opposition out here. People do not like
us, and are very determined to bring us down. But as they tell us
things, I find that I receive powerful spiritual impressions that I
cannot deny. I know this gospel to be true. It is too perfect in its
simplicity, too beautiful in the quiet spiritual promptings. Those who
listen to us are prepared to hear the message, and they too, know that
what we share is true.

Discover for yourself. Come and see. Come and fear not. Alma 7:15-16.

Sis Keilee Alldredge

I'm Pink Washing! AND I'm training!! February 22, 2016

Transfers are here! I am going to Sutherlin, a small town north of
Roseburg! I am pink washing, as in Elders are there now, but they are
leaving and we are replacing them. I am training as well, and I have a
10% chance to train a friend from home! It's crazy awesome! I feel so
honored to train a new missionary and that the Lord and President
Russell trust me enough to do that. I hope I can live up to the

I am going to miss the ocean, so much. But I know that I have done my
purpose and job to the best of my abilities. I am happy and proud of
the work I was able to do for the Lord. I love being out here!

This past week, Sis Broadhead and I taught a  couple. Their
names are Carol and Rick, and they haven't really been interested. But
their hearts have truly been softened, and we taught them the whole
restoration and Carol had many questions. We answered them the best we
could, the Spirit was truly there. Rick was in lots of pain from past
experiences serving in Vietnam. I felt prompted to ask him if he would
like a priesthood blessing. For a breathless moment, we thought he
would say no, but he said yes!! This week he should be getting that

We had an investigator come to church! A part member family, Tiana and
Leon. Tiana is investigating the church and she is totally going to be
baptized. I'm so excited for her! She has an adorable baby too! 😊

On Tuesday we were in Corvallis for a zone conference, it started at
1:30 and didn't end until 9:00! But the meeting flew by. We learned a lot
about the Atonement, we had to have talks prepared for it from our
studies. I felt so much of God's love during that meeting, the Spirit
just confirmed to me that I am here for a reason, and that I have a
purpose for my mission. I am serving Jesus Christ, I have faith in Him
and in His promises. And so, I have nothing to fear. Try to discover
your role in God's plan for you and the power of the Atonement in your
life. Watch the short church video: "Infinite Gift", and feel the
power of the Spirit.

I'm going to be Eugene for the next few days until my daughter comes
in on Thursday. I'm going to hang out with Sis Figeroa. She's awesome!

Love you tons!!
Sis Keilee Alldredge

Laughing all the way!!! February 15, 2016

First off, sorry for the confusion with emails, my iPad isn't working. I will hopefully get it fixed today or tomorrow. Then I can send home all these awesome pictures I have on my iPad

Transfer calls are this week! I feel like my time here in Newport is coming to a close. I am sad to leave, but I feel so blessed to serve here and to been part of the opening of this area. I am so happy and know that God is pleased with the work we have done here.

In fact, speaking of work, this week has gone by so fast!! There have been many days this week that we have had back to back lessons. Oh man. The work moves along!!! We have a new investigator, named Isaiah. He is taking a break from school in Louisiana, trying to find his way and seeking to know what church is true. We showed him around the church on Thursday and had a powerful lesson on the restoration of the gospel. The spirit was so strong. It was amazing to help him feel the spirit and to help him know that God does care about him and wants him to be happy. 

We also had a lesson with a woman by the name of Selena. She, and her family, are super open to learn anything about Jesus Christ. Her father takes leftover pizza dough from Papa Murphy's and makes bread. In fact he gave us two loaves!! And its really good! Haha, we were a bit reluctant to try it, but the 2nd loaf we gave to the elders to try first. But it is super good! I had mine with honey. :)

On Sunday, we had the privilege to have a regional conference for the Western Coast (California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska). Members of the Seventy and Elder Renlund of the Quorum of the 12 spoke specifically for our area. They spoke of not fearing, and creating a pattern of faith in our lives to continually learn and grow. It was amazing to get specific counsel for this area.

Today, we are going to Corvallis for a zone activity, then staying overnight to participate in a special zone training conference tomorrow. We are going to be in meetings ALL DAY LONG. But its okay! The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak….hahajk. It's going to be a wonderful meeting! I'm excited!

The Elders are having a rough week. Elder Nelson is not very stressed about it, as he recognizes that he is doing all he can to find people. Elder Johnson is struggling a bit more. But it just reminds me that not too long ago, we were in the same boat they are in now. And I've realized that God is the one who gives us success (see Alma 26:27). It was rough, thinking that I may not have enough faith to find people. But in reality, I think my faith has grown so much, especially since I received a witness after the trial of my faith (Ether 12:6).

This past transfer, I have been so happy. Yes we didn't have lessons all the time, but the Spirit of the Lord has increased so much in my life. I have been so blessed to be on my mission and to feel God's love for all His children. And because of this love, I wish to share it with all people. :)

Love you all! Thank you for your prayers!

Sis Alldredge

Adversity becomes an Adventure!!! February 1, 2016

Super sorry its taken me so long to email back, the server didn't let me long in until now - BUT that's okay! 

Haha, from all your emails, it sounds like I am missing lots of snow. But I enjoy the sun and wonderful weather over here in Oregon, SO! That's awesome!

We went up to the lighthouse and the tide pools  today! There was once a volcano that sunk into the ocean, and it caused the ocean to come rushing into the lava, making it so that the beach is full of smooth, round stones.  I took pictures and videos, but I won't be able to send them until next week. Sorry. I touched a sea urchin!!!! AND a starfish!!! IN THE WILD!! Ahh! I love the ocean!!! It's awesome! 

My new quote is the one in the subject heading for my email, I always tell Sis Broadhead that we are going on an adventure, so it totally fits! 

Our district made a goal to find 45 new investigators by the end of the transfer. To reach this goal, Sis Broadhead and I set a goal of 4 new investigators, and after fasting last week and with the help of Heavenly Father, we found 5 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!!! 

On Sunday, we had a sad day. But it was good as well. We saw Sheena up in Toledo, and followed the impression to drop her. It was so sad, for we didn't want to drop her, but we were following the spirit. I feel much like Nephi, when he says in 1 Nephi 9:5-6 that "the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of his words. And thus it is. Amen."

Later that day, we found a new investigator. She lives across the street from the church, and me and Sis Sands tried contacting her and trying to have a lesson with her. But now, we were able to have a lesson with her, and talked about the Book of Mormon. Her name is Dominique, and she is Catholic. She doesn't like that her church takes things out of the Bible, and that her children just see the stories in the Bible as just stories. She wants so much more for them. We brought up the Book of Mormon, and she held out her hands: "Oh yeah, go ahead, hand it over. I will totally read it!" :) she is awesome! 

I have totally seen God's hand in our work. he has helped us out so much in all that we do. I am so blessed to be part of this work and to be able to bless peoples lives. I know have a testimony of fasting, and the power that it has in helping align our will will His. 

Thank you for all your prayers! Love you all!

Sis Alldredge

January 25, 2016 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me...Isaiah 61:1

Dearest family and friends,

Wow what a week!! This has been a week of miracles! I don't even know
where to start! 😀

My new companion is Sis. Broadhead! She is amazing! I love her so much!
😊 She is from Layton, Utah. She is the third oldest in her family,
five of her siblings are adopted. She is super amazing and has gone
through so much in her life already. She has a wonderful testimony.
The great thing is - I get to be her companion! 😆

Both of us are super excited to do missionary work!  We buckled down
and got right to work, and the spirit of the Lord poured down upon us.
I have seen so many miracles, and I am so grateful for the help we have

We had many lessons this week- Sheena is doing well, we had two
lessons with her this week. On Tuesday we taught her about the
sacrament and of the Atonement, and yesterday we taught her of faith
and prayer. I hope she will have the strength and the courage to try
new things and have the faith to believe in God. She has come so far,
and I am so grateful for your prayers on her behalf.

We had a powerful lesson with Vivian, she's a less active member who has come through
so much in her life. She feels like she has been given another chance
to do good, but she is struggling a lot with health issues. We had a
very powerful lesson on the Atonement and how Jesus Christ can help us
overcome our shortcomings and how we can rely on Him to help us. I
love her so much!

We had a stressful week as well... An investigator, Paola, has many
concerns. We had three lessons with her, and after two of them, we
were so stressed out that we called President for help!  He told us
to 1) state our purpose 2) that we are representatives of Jesus Christ
and 3) teach the restoration. On the second lesson with her, she told
us so many concerns she had about the priesthood and receiving the
Holy Ghost. We tried our best to answer her questions, but it ended up
becoming belief against belief. But, we had dinner with her the next
day, and so we prayed all day long that the lesson would go well.

And it did. Dinner was delish ( Empanadas! She's from Mexico!) and
afterwords, we testified of the Book of Mormon and that if she truly
reads the book, and sincerely asks God, in the name of Christ, if it
is true, she will receive a testimony of its truth and divinity from
the Holy Ghost. The spirit was there. She quietly held the book in her
hands and said: " that is a powerful statement." I smiled and said:
"well, because it is true." It has been so interesting to note how she
has changed this week. There is a light about her and her home that
has grown so much.

We taught gospel principles yesterday and taught about honesty. The
spirit was so strong there as well, as I testified of the Atonement
and how as soon as we are honest and turn ourself over to the Lord, we
are set free. It was amazing!

Sorry for the long email. But I wish to impress upon your minds of the
great work we are all involved in. The work is the Lord's, and the
Spirit is such a key part to it all. But imagine, you are blessed to
have a member of the Godhead with you always. He will never lead you
astray. So as hard times come, first turn to the Lord in prayer. Then
listen. Do those things that will bring the spirit, and as you center
your life on the Savior, I promise that everything will work out for
your good.

I love you all!

Sis Alldredge