Keilee Alldredge

Keilee Alldredge

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Four weeks. March 21, 2017

This week has been interesting! Out of seven days this week, I only saw
the sun for two days.  Gotta love Oregon!! It was pretty funny
though because when the sun came out I was blinded by it.

Anyways, Sister Simmons is so great! She is a great companion to have,
she is wild and crazy and loves to sing and create jewelry. So we are
having a great time together, laughing a lot. She says I'm a lot like
Snow White. Hmmm... they call this area "the valley of the sick." The
Willamette Valley has the highest pollen count in the whole world, and
so in the spring EVERYONE gets sick : including your companion. 😷

We live in a tiny apartment, it's in a small attic above the garage,
our kitchen just has a stove and a sink and a little counter. Then we
have a mini fridge. The mission jokes that it is the Barbie house. The
church building too is weird, it was built by members way back when
and the layout is very different. The sacrament table is in the center
of the upper part, while the podium is off to the side. It's called
the German building because the steeple is built differently.

We are teaching some cool people. One is Mary. She is an aunt to a
member in the ward, she is this sweet woman while a bunch of spunk and
spitfire. 🔥 She is reading in the Book of Mormon and just loves it!
She is basically a member, but we think she is waiting till she
finishes the Book of Mormon to get baptized. Another is Craig, he is married to a
member, and is interested in learning about the church from us. He
came to church on Sunday! It was awesome to see him there! He has had
very little experience with religion and with God in general and has a
hard time with understanding how God can speak to him. During church,
all of the talks were about the Holy Ghost and listening to what God
has to tell you! It was pretty awesome to see!

One person we are teaching is a 81 year old woman. She is so sweet! I
just love her so much! She was excommunicated, and finally after many
years, has come back. She is recently baptized, and we had a lesson at
the church. She expressed to us how she feels so guilty for all of the
things she has done in her past and how she knows she has been
forgiven, but that she can't forgive herself. All the sudden, I didn't
see an old woman, I saw my sister. My heart broke for her as she spoke
of those challenges she was facing. I testified to her of the power of
the Atonement, and read 3 Nephi 9:13-15 with her. "Christ is eagerly
waiting for you, He wants to heal you Cleo!" On Sunday she came up to
us and said: During sacrament, I realized that Christ suffered for
everything, for all that I have ever done. The debt has been paid."
Tears were in her eyes, but she was glowing. "I am clean." My heart
filled with love for her and for our Savior. He really does love us so

Today we were blessed to go to the temple. I am so grateful that we
are able to have that little piece of heaven on earth. I really felt
of the spirit whole I was there, and gained some more knowledge. Some
people think that they have to know it all before they get baptized,
or before they face a challenge. But in reality God wants us to take a
step forward into the dark, and then he will continue to teach us and
help us learn as we go. There is so much to discover! So why not keep
learning? Eventually you can look back over your life and see the
miracles and the light you have received, and it is glorious!

Five Weeks? March 13, 2017

So tranfsers are upon us!  I am leaving Grants Pass and going up to the Trinity! Haha, jk that's just what we call it. The tri-cities in

the Willamete Valley, Eugene, Springfield, and Santa Clara. I am going
to Santa Clara to be with Sister Simmons. 😄 I am excited, but I am
really sad to leave Grants Pass and Sister Leavitt. You know, funny
story, out of my 9 companions, 5 of them have been from the same

Anyways, this week was very busy. We went to MLC on Tuesday and went
up to Eugene to learn from the President and the APs. We learned about
prophets, and helping investigators to come to church. It was such an
uplifting experience, I loved it! At the end however, President told
us that this transfer is only 5 weeks long instead of 6, so I'm coming
home one week early! Wow. That's crazy. I don't want to think about that!

Anyways, we had a great lesson with Tom. We taught him for about 10
mins, and he told us how he had always wanted to get baptized, but
never felt that it was right. He said he had read the Restoration
pamphlet we left him, and as he read, he felt something was true, and
that it is right. I invited him to be baptized, and he accepted!!
Yay!! We taught him the whole Restoration, and we gave him a Book of
Mormon. The next day, we texted him, and he had read it on and off the
whole day. We got him church clothes, and on Sunday he came to church!
It was amazing! By the end of the week he was already in 1 Nephi 11.
He is just soaking it all up and is incredible!

Aredelia is in 2 Nephi now, and she loves the Book of Mormon! She is
still praying about baptism, and she was planning on coming to church
on Sunday, but with the time change got thrown off, and so was unable
to make it.

We finally saw Art and Lori this week. Art was really sad to see me
go. He told us that his concerns have to be resolved before he comes
to church again. So we sat for an hour to teach him, but it didn't go
anywhere. He just knows so much. He got really close to kicking us out
at one point because we believe that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
are separate. What it comes down to really is that he has to
read the Book of Mormon. That is the only way that he will find that
what we teach is true.

On Sunday we fasted. And the Spirit just sustained us all day. I felt
so much peace and love and joy. This gospel is true, and will forever
be true.

I have loved serving here. It has been such a blessing. So much
heartache, and tears, but also so many prayers and blessings and
miracles. It is incredible. I love being a missionary. 😊

Mission Hangover. March 6, 2017

So this week wasn't as exciting as last week. We had a lot of
investigators drop us and many lessons fell through. So it was a
little rough. But we kept  good attitudes still! Last Monday we were
so tired from the awesome week that when we actually had time to sit
down, we were so tired. A mission hangover- it's a real thing! The
crazy thing was at the end of the week we got SNOW!!! So March is
coming in like a lion! 🦁

We had one lesson with Art and Lori. We taught them about the Plan of
Salvation, but didn't get too far because Art has a lot of questions
about Adam and Eve. And they are pretty crazy questions! But
it's all good. This has happened before where he had these deep
concerns and questions, but then he overcomes them through study and
the Spirit. Lori really understood it all, so she is coming along
great! The only problem is that they both got really really REALLY
sick. It's kind of  ridiculous. So we have been unable to meet with them
the rest of this week. We are praying for a miracle to happen. Art
said it best: "God would just show me the truth then just take me
home! He has a better plan in mind here!" I sure hope so!

On Wednesday, we saw SO MANY MIRACLES!!!! We found four new
investigators in two hours!! It was crazy! We just prayed super hard
for miracles. We had set the goal to find 8, and by the end of the
week we found 6 new! One is a guy named Tom (I know I know, we just
keep running into Toms, it's crazy!). But this Tom is super prepared
and awesome! He is dating a girl who is a member and so he is
sincerely interested in learning from us! We are so excited to teach
him this week! Then, on Saturday, we had a lesson with a couple- Brina
and David. We taught them the whole Restoration, and they told us how
they believe in the Godhead (them being separate) rather than the
trinity (all in one). We were shocked. "How did you come to that
knowledge?" "Well, it says it all through the Bible!!" We got some
truth seekers here! I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and
David was so happy. "See, you learned from God what is true. I like
that!" Sweet, well did you know the same thing can happen to you?
Just, read, ponder and pray. 😉

We also had zone conference this week and we learned some good stuff!
We also sang for the zone conference.

We stopped by last night to an investigator's home. They just had a 

baby, and she is adorable! Super small, but healthy and four days old!
They have a little daughter too and we took some pictures with her!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Forty Seven Years in the Making! February 27, 2017

I can't even begin to explain this week. The sweat, the tears, the
struggles, the prayers, the Spirit, the miracles, the truth. We saw so
many miracles this week. In total, we taught 25 lessons, got 3 people
on date for baptism, 1 person at church, and did 8 hours of Service.
It was incredible!!!! We have been blessed so much by God, and it is
because of Him that we have seen the miracles!

There was one night were we felt to go see a couple- Tom and Joanne.
We knocked on their door and they let us right in! Their living room
was full of Buddhas, and it was kinda weird. They were the first
people I met who were Buddhist. We had a really good conversation
about religion in general, and the spirit was very present there. We
taught them of the Plan of Salvation. They both had many questions
about our church, and it was very apparent that we were supposed to be
there. We left with good feelings, and even set up a lesson for today,
but it fell through, but it's all good!

Aredelia is progressing so much!! She said that she listens to the
Book of Mormon during work, and as such, she read up to 1 Nephi 7!! Seven 
chapters in a week! That is incredible! She loves it, and finds that
she is understanding the gospel so much more than before. She is
praying about baptism, and is very close to accepting a date. Our
lesson consisted of us read 1 Nephi 8 with her. She was very excited
to commence on the path to get to the tree and partake of the fruit.
She is pretty incredible!

Friday was our miracle day. Friday and Sunday! After district meeting
we rushed out and headed over to Art's home. We taught him and his
ex-wife Lori. He too was right at 1 Nephi 8, so we read it with him
and explained it more fully. "Art, what do you think the rod of iron
represents?" "It is the word of God. Which leads to the tree, to
Christ, so that I can partake of the love of God. Incredible. I am
just understanding everything you are teaching me. " And he is just
glowing. "Art, will you prepare to be baptized by someone holding the
priesthood authority of God." "Yes, yes I will. I'm not opposed to it,
if I need to be baptized again by the proper authority, I will do it.
I guess that is what God needs me to do." And then Lori piped in. "I
want to get baptized too!" Wow! So both accepted to be baptized!!! We
were so excited!

And later at night we met with Sheila, and I think both of us were
expecting her to have not read from the Book of Mormon and still be
skeptical about it. But to our surprise she read 7 chapters In two
days!!! And she loves it!! She knows it's true! And she accepted to be
baptized as well!!!! Incredible! Miracles upon miracles!

And it doesn't end there. I can't even describe the spirit, the power,
the love....this gospel is true. This week Art has just exploded in
his progression. And to me, it is sacred. He is just glowing. He came
to church on Sunday and didn't want to leave. "I have finally found
people who believe the same things I do. I have found the truth." Even
as I write this, tears are filling my eyes. He has searched for 47
years to find the truth, and it is here.

For those of you who are struggling in your testimony or who are
wondering if God is there, I want to bear my testimony. As a
representative of Christ, I know that God lives. Jesus is the Christ,
the very Son of God. He lives and with our Father, wish only to bring
you happiness. This church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints, is the only church upon the earth that has the priesthood
authority of God. This is our Salvation. This is our foundation. As
you study and pray and seek, God will let you know by the power of the
Holy Ghost that it is true. Because He loves you. God has never let us
alone, has never abandoned us. He lives. So ask. Seek. Live. And the
truth will grow within you till you finally reach the tree and fall to
your knees and partake of that glorious white fruit.

Black Bears? Where? February 20,2017

This week we were super busy! Literally we would get to the end of the
day and have no idea where the day went! It's awesome! We are working
so hard, and the blessings are coming forth! I can't even explain all
that happened this week, but here are a few thoughts:

On Tuesday we had interviews, and it was so good to see President and
Sister Russell! They love us so much and it is such a blessing to
serve under their direction! President taught us about the Plan of
Salvation and it was really deep, but it was so cool!

We have had some good lessons! We met with a guy named Tom. He is
atheist and has so many questions. He hasn't ever gotten any answers
to questions he has, so he turned to science and philosophy to try to
find sense in the world. We wrote down his questions, and a lot of
them have to do with the Plan of Salvation. He has literally a mustard
seed of faith. He is willing to pray and to read the Book of Mormon.

We met with Art! He invited his wife over and we had a good lesson! We
read from the Book of Mormon and then taught about the pre earth life.
His wife, Lori, has a sincere desire to learn. They are both so cool!
We unfortunately were unable to meet again because of family issues
happening, but things will pan out!

We had exchanges this week! I was with Sister Schroeder, and we had so
much fun! We taught so many lessons, and met so many great people! It
was a rainy day and we walked around in it for two hours or so. But
because we were willing to walk, we met those people. It's so cool how
God can bless us that way. We had a lesson with a woman named Sheila.
She had some misconceptions about the Book of Mormon, so we read with
her from it. She mentioned something about family history and we were
all over that. I think we freaked her out with all the information we
threw at her about it. Gotta love family!

Finally, we had a lesson with Amy, and her daughter Morgan. Amy told
us how she has tried nearly every religion in the world, and none of
them have provided her with the help she wants. But she is willing to
try again. Her daughter on the other hand, is really close to the
spirit. She said how she feels warm and squishy on the inside when she
sees us. We explained that that was the spirit, and that she should
listen to what He says. They are such a sweet family and have a lot of

Satan came after us again. But with the experiences we had this week,
I am again reminded of the power and sacred calling we have as
missionaries. We are on the Lords errand, and as we are worthy, the
spirit will be on our side to lead us. It is amazing!

Frolicking in the Fields. February 13, 2017

It's official! Sis Leavitt and I decided that we skipped out in math
class in the pre-earth life to frolic in the fields... 😂😂

These past two weeks have just flown by, it's so crazy! I guess when
you are in the service of God time flies fast!

We had MLC at Eugene and it was so fun to see everyone! We had a great
time teaching ZTM- we taught the zone about praying often and about
how to begin teaching. So interestingly, as you read in 1 Nephi 16-17,
Nephi's family was struggling a lot because all their means to
obtaining food was lost. His bow broke. But we know from past
experience with Nephi, that he probably spent a lot of time praying
and seeking for Heavenly Fathers direction on how to build a bow. Then
later, Nephi had enough faith and experience to build a boat. So in
reality, God wants us to grow. Trials are here to prepare us for
something in the future. So trust in God. He will lead us along.

We finally got in contact with Ty. We set up a lesson for this
Wednesday, she is doing good! Art is recovering from a scope, and
wants his wife to see us! 😄

This weekend, Satan really attacked us. It was pretty crazy. All day
Friday, just negative thoughts and doubts just bombarded me. It was so
hard. Every time I bore my testimony, immediately after there were so
many thoughts like: "This isn't true...this is a lie! And there is no
way this is true." And at the end of the day, I was talking to Sister
Leavitt about it, we realized that Satan was trying to get us down, to
slow down. Then on Saturday, Sis. Leavitt had a hard day. Satan got to
her. It was so crazy.

We are in a battle. A battle against Satan and the forces of evil. But
we are on the winning side. When we choose Christ, we have the
strength and the power to overcome all things. I am reminded of what
Moses said:Moses 1:12-13

And it came to pass that when Moses had said these words, behold,
Satan came tempting him, saying: Moses, son of man, worship me.

 And it came to pass that Moses looked upon Satan and said: Who art
thou? For behold, I am a son of God, in the similitude of his Only
Begotten; and where is thy glory, that I should worship thee?

We are children of God!! We have a power within us that can make it so
that we don't have to listen to Satan! And now I know what Satan's
voice is, and now I have the strength to overcome him. Now, I am even
more determined to fight on the Lord's side. We are going to see
miracles this week. Be prepared!!

The Priesthood has been restored. February 6, 2017

COOL!!! Haha. We figured that we knew each other before this life.

We have been so busy this week, it has been crazy! With the
combination of the Elders area book we have like triple the people to
go see. It makes it so that we are just going and going and going
(like the energizer bunny 🐰) ! We've had some awesome lessons and
found 4 new people this week, one of whom is it's been

Art is progressing so much! He is so incredible! We had two lessons
with him this week. During the first he was in so much pain, but he so
wanted to meet with us. He described to us how the spirit speaks to
him, and the spirit just filled the room. He told us how he studied
the scriptures I left him, on Joseph Smith seeing God. He read three
scriptures out of the eight, and he's like: "Yup. It's true." Whoa!!
So we opened up the Bible to read to him in Ezekiel about how the Book
of Mormon is true and while we did that he said : "You know, Paul
said he is going to the third heaven." We looked up, shocked. What?
Anyways, we read in Ezekiel 37 about the Book of Orion and after we
read Art said: " The spirit taught me years ago that the tribe of
Joseph was lost. They were led away. And so, this is their record?"
Yup yup! "Wow, I should read it! I am going to read it!"

So the next time we came by, he had read all the way through to 1
Nephi 7, and read in 3 Nephi 11. He was confused about the manner of
baptism, which was perfect because we planned to teach him about the
Apostasy, and the Restoration. "There has to be a church that has the
whole truth, that has everything Christ taught. Do you believe that?"
I asked. "Yes." I pulled out a paper, one that has my dad's priesthood
line of authority. "Art, I was baptized by my dad. And my dad has the
priesthood, and this shows that it links all the way back to Jesus
Christ. I was baptized by the true priesthood authority. " Art took
the document and studied it. "Wow. That's powerful." He sighed. "I
need to study it out." Then Sister Leavitt comes in: "Art, will you
pray and ask God if it is true?" "Well, I don't know." I came in then:
"Art, do you have enough faith to try?" He nodded. So he prayed. He
told Heavenly Father how he knows this is true in his heart, but he
asked that He would help him overcome it in his mind." When he was
done, the spirit was just filling his soul. "I'm almost crying, it
feels so good!" 😊👍👍 Yesterday he got another blessing and he told
us how he felt a warmth and power flow from his head down to where his
pain is. "I have no doubt that they won't find anything tomorrow!" He
has so much faith it is incredible. I am so lucky to teach him. 😊

We also had a lesson with Aredelia, and we did it over Skype. We read
about faith in Alma 32 and then about repentance and baptism in 2
Nephi 31. "Aredelia, what do you need to do to come closer to Christ?"
"I need to be baptized." "Will you be baptized by priesthood
authority?" She was a little worried. She is scared, afraid her faith
won't be strong enough. We encouraged her to keep reading and to come
to church, and to pray about a day to work towards to be baptized. We
saw her last night and she downloaded the gospel library. She is
excited to listen to the scriptures!

Anyways, just so much has happened, it's crazy. The Spirit has just
filled my soul! We are truly doing the work of God. It is incredible.
We have been lead and guided and blessed and kept safe. I have felt of
the Savior by my side this week. He is so aware of my investigators,
His children. He hears and answers prayers. Every. single. day. I am
so blessed to be here and to serve my fellow brothers and sisters. I
am so grateful.

Jacob 5

70 And it came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard sent his servant;
and the servant went and did as the Lord had commanded him, and
brought other servants; and they were few.

71 And the Lord of the vineyard said unto them: Go to, and labor in
the vineyard, with your might. For behold, this is the last time that
I shall nourish my vineyard; for the end is nigh at hand, and the
season speedily cometh; and if ye labor with your might with me ye
shall have joy in the fruit which I shall lay up unto myself against
the time which will soon come.

72 And it came to pass that the servants did go and labor with their
mights; and the Lord of the vineyard labored also with them; and they
did obey the commandments of the Lord of the vineyard in all things.

Sister Dobbins, January 23, 2017

Last day with Sister Dobbins. 
With Ty, an investigator. 
Art, an investigator, who is like an uncle.  

The Only True Church January 30, 2017

Whew! What a week! I was with the Riverside sisters this week and
being in a Tri-pan is AWESOME! There is never a dull moment! So it was
a little crazy as we had to cover both wards. And we had to move
apartments, and I was by myself at church on Sunday! Well, I was with
a member the whole time. I think I freaked her out by how quick I was
to stay by her side.

We had a lesson with Judy. I shared with her a little bit of the
family proclamation and also read the promise in Moroni. I relayed my
experience of gaining a testimony for myself. It was powerful. She
then asked two questions: "Can anyone receive an answer?" Me: " Well,
let's look at the formula, read, ponder, pray. And you will get an
answer." She got a little defensive then. "Do you think that because
I'm not a Mormon that I'm lost, or not saved?" Oh. I was quick to
respond. "Oh no Judy!! You have such great faith in Jesus Christ! You
aren't lost!" Whew! Avoided that one! She was so happy after that! She
said she will read it! Yay!

We had a lesson with Ty and she is progressing so much! We taught her
the Plan of Salvation and she just soaked it up! She finally got a job and the ward
is just wrapping her up in their arms. It's amazing to see her
progression and to see her coming to Christ.

We had a lesson with Art and just read from the Book of Mormon to
clarify some questions he has. He told us he would come to church, but
he was in such extreme pain that he was unable to come. He has lots of
questions, mainly on how Joseph Smith was able to see God and Jesus
Christ, and on the Godhead.  It has made me have really intense studies to
learn. He is the first investigator that I have given scriptures from
my studies. He told us that he isn't asking questions to prove us
wrong, but is asking because he is seeking for understanding. "But I
always feel good when you come by, and little things are happening in
my life that shows God hands." He is so awesome!

Transfers are today!! I am getting Sister Leavitt! I am so excited!
And it will be awesome to be able to work in Beacon Hill. We are going
to see so many miracles and great things happen! I am excited to work!
Our schedules got changed, so we have a longer Pday and more time to
get ready in the morning.

2 Nephi 31: 10

10 And he said unto the children of men: Follow thou me. Wherefore, my
beloved brethren, can we follow Jesus save we shall be willing to keep
the commandments of the Father?

As we keep the commandments, we are following Jesus Christ, and are
thus coming closer to our Heavenly Father. Sometimes we don't always
understand the commandments, but as we trust in God and rely on His
promises,He will bless us. Then we can see the truth of the
commandment and be able to continue to do his will.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Book of Mormon is True! January 16, 2017

Oh my goodness! This week was awesome! So get ready for the ride of awesomeness! 
Last Sunday, during planning, we decided that we wanted to go see a
woman named Pia. We had never met her before. Then on Monday, we went
to dinner with some members. They told us how they had a nonmember
come over to their house earlier and was struggling a lot. But she
accepted a blessing. We thought it was cool, then we asked what her
name was. "Pia." We were shocked!!! We kind of laughed but we thought it
was awesome that we followed the Spirit.  We went to see her as
planned. We told her about all the pieces that lead to us coming to
see her. She started to cry. She told us of her life and the struggles
she is going through. And we just listened. When the Spirit directed,
we shared a video and it was so powerful, it helped lift her up so
much. So when the Spirit directs, be courageous and follow those

Tuesday, before we left to go to lessons we felt prompted to bring our
hymn books. We came to a lesson with Art. He is so cool!!!! He is
totally going to be baptized! We read the testimony of the prophet of
him obtaining he plates. While we read, he stopped us and said: "No
one can make this up!" We taught him about Joseph Smith's First Vision,
and again, he was in shock of how awesome it is. We told him of how
Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are three separate
beings. He was a little against it, but as we kept talking, he began
to see how they were three separate people. He was struggling a lot,
and we pulled out our hymn books and sang Be Still My Soul. He was so
touched! He loved it! "Thank you girls, you are changing my life."
Later on in the week we had another lesson set up, but he got really
sick, so we had to cancel. But he told us that he had an amazing
experience with the Book of Mormon! We are so excited to see him

We had a lesson with Aredelia.  We taught her the Restoration and later
on in the week we taught her the Plan of Salvation. She is so cool and
prepared. She told us that she really understands it all, and she read
the first two chapters in Nephi!! She is solid!

This week, I too, had a powerful experience with the Book of Mormon. I
have finished reading it, and I turned back to the promise in Moroni
10. So I did as he directed. I pondered. I prayed. And I got an
answer. The Book of Mormon is true.

Trust in that promise. Read, ponder, pray in faith. Ask, and he shall
receive. We should be continuing to strive to develop our testimonies,
and to seek for that peace from the Book of Mormon. Then, share it. 

Raise the Title, See the Miracles. Jan. 9, 2017

With Chris Ponciroli at his baptism in Medford. 
So many wonderful things happened this week! It has been awesome!

Tuesday we had to drive up to Eugene for Missionary Leadership
Council (MLC). We got up super early and started on the road at 5:45.
We had to drive over the Pass, and the roads were TERRIBLE! Oh man. I
was driving white knuckled the whole way! At one point I thought: " Oh I'm
so happy I have a companion so that if anything crazy happens, she can
be with me through it!" I look over, she's passed out. Hahaha.
Traveling in the lone and dreary world. On the way back, we stopped in
Sutherlin to switch cars with the sisters there, and it was lightly
snowing. I knew then that we were in for a crazy ride. President
called us just before we reached the Pass. "Sisters, where are you?"
Just outside Roseburg. "Sisters, do you know that Grants Pass is
experiencing the worst blizzard in years..?!?!" Well, President, we
have a blanket and Cheezit's if anything crazy happens. "Sisters,
that's scary." We laughed and laughed. Even though the roads were
crazy, we were laughing, telling stories and and having a good time. I
distinctly felt that there were angels around us, protecting us. We
were safe and sound.

On Wednesday we had a lesson with a less active family. Their last
name is VanValkenburg. They are so cool! We really had an inspired
lesson, the dad really opened up to us. "I really don't consider
myself less active. I pay tithing, I keep the Word of Wisdom...I do
everything except come to church. It's the only reason why I don't
have a temple recommend. But I HATE being the project. People come.
They don't care. They are just trying to have me come to church. We
have no friends in the church" that was an eye opener. Look beyond
yourself, see those around. Invite people over to dinner. Do you
expect to just say a magic word and they will come? No, it doesn't
happen that way. Reach out. Love. Invite. Share. It may take time.
Some wounds are deep, and it takes a long time to heal. But I promise
you, that as you focus on a few, that you will see the blessings of
the gospel come back into their life. Love them. And they will come

Anyways, for them, we are just teaching them about the gospel. Our
goal is to help build their testimony, which in turn builds their
faith, which helps them overcome fear. The members we bring will build
their friendships. At least that is what we hope will happen.

On Friday we had a lesson fall through, but a man was smoking outside.
So we went over and met him. His name is Art. He has read the Book of
Mormon before in the past, but he was open to reading again. We set up
a lesson for the NEXT DAY. And it was AMAZING!!!! He told us about his
life and we told him that the Book of Mormon will bring him peace.
"That is what I am searching for. I read the Bible everyday... but.."
he held the Book of Mormon, looking longingly at it. "I will try it
out. And I will pray about it." He said the closing prayer and it was
so beautiful. He even addressed Heavenly Father! He is so cool! We
have another lesson set up with him this week.

Saturday was a super busy day. In total, we had four lessons back to
back. All of them were awesome and spiritual! Then, to cap off
Saturday, we drove to Medford. And there, I was able to witness Chris
Ponciroli get baptized!!!! After almost three years of struggles and
hardships, he has overcome them all and has gotten baptized!
😄😄😄😄😆😆😆 it was amazing and glorious and joyous and lovely! If
anything, you can know that the church is true because of how much
people are willing to sacrifice all they are to become one with
Christ's true church.

Now my question to you is: are you sacrificing all you are to the
Savior? Alma 5:14-19

Winter hits Oregon.