Keilee Alldredge

Keilee Alldredge

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Five Weeks? March 13, 2017

So tranfsers are upon us!  I am leaving Grants Pass and going up to the Trinity! Haha, jk that's just what we call it. The tri-cities in

the Willamete Valley, Eugene, Springfield, and Santa Clara. I am going
to Santa Clara to be with Sister Simmons. 😄 I am excited, but I am
really sad to leave Grants Pass and Sister Leavitt. You know, funny
story, out of my 9 companions, 5 of them have been from the same

Anyways, this week was very busy. We went to MLC on Tuesday and went
up to Eugene to learn from the President and the APs. We learned about
prophets, and helping investigators to come to church. It was such an
uplifting experience, I loved it! At the end however, President told
us that this transfer is only 5 weeks long instead of 6, so I'm coming
home one week early! Wow. That's crazy. I don't want to think about that!

Anyways, we had a great lesson with Tom. We taught him for about 10
mins, and he told us how he had always wanted to get baptized, but
never felt that it was right. He said he had read the Restoration
pamphlet we left him, and as he read, he felt something was true, and
that it is right. I invited him to be baptized, and he accepted!!
Yay!! We taught him the whole Restoration, and we gave him a Book of
Mormon. The next day, we texted him, and he had read it on and off the
whole day. We got him church clothes, and on Sunday he came to church!
It was amazing! By the end of the week he was already in 1 Nephi 11.
He is just soaking it all up and is incredible!

Aredelia is in 2 Nephi now, and she loves the Book of Mormon! She is
still praying about baptism, and she was planning on coming to church
on Sunday, but with the time change got thrown off, and so was unable
to make it.

We finally saw Art and Lori this week. Art was really sad to see me
go. He told us that his concerns have to be resolved before he comes
to church again. So we sat for an hour to teach him, but it didn't go
anywhere. He just knows so much. He got really close to kicking us out
at one point because we believe that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
are separate. What it comes down to really is that he has to
read the Book of Mormon. That is the only way that he will find that
what we teach is true.

On Sunday we fasted. And the Spirit just sustained us all day. I felt
so much peace and love and joy. This gospel is true, and will forever
be true.

I have loved serving here. It has been such a blessing. So much
heartache, and tears, but also so many prayers and blessings and
miracles. It is incredible. I love being a missionary. 😊

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