Keilee Alldredge

Keilee Alldredge

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Merry Christmas. December 19, 2016

Sisters Alldredge and Dobbins- December in Oregon. 
The miracles are just flowing forth! Every day we have had an amazing
miracle, literally we are being lead to so many prepared people! Let
me just tell you about a few:

We got in the car, then we felt like we should walk and meet people
that live around us. As we walked, I felt that we should cross the
street and meet a family we had contacted in the past. We went to
their house, they were remodeling their home. So we turned around, and
started walking back. A guy was walking towards us. His name is Frank!
He actually is a former investigator, and we had a wonderful
conversation with him about the Book of Mormon. At the beginning, he
was kind of against reading it, but by the end he wanted a copy, to
'experiment' on the word. So cool!

We went out contacting and tried to meet three former investigators
and all of them were busy. So we were like: well, might as well knock
on a neighboring door! And they let us inside!!! We met a woman named
Shelia and shared the Light the World video with her, and taught her
the Restoration of the gospel! It was amazing!

We met a guy yesterday that was around our age who had some sick
dreads. We shared the Light the World video with him and while it was
playing he said "YEAH! That is what I'm talking about!!" After the
video: "Mormons are the perfect example of Christlike service. Y'all
have it down to a T! " Hahaha. True hippie. We had a really good
conversation with him and encouraged him to read the Book of Mormon.
He was excited!

Last miracle: we went to contact a less active member, but she had moved. But
we met a woman named Aredelia. She is so happy and so open and
prepared for the gospel! We shared the video with her, and we found
out that her mom is a member. We shared the Book of Mormon with her
and we have a lesson with her tonight! She is totally going to get

I spoke in church yesterday on the birth of Jesus Christ. It was so
cool to be able to speak. I just love talking about the Savior!

So many miracles! I have been so blessed this week! Sis Dobbins is so
AMAZING! And I just love her so much! We are being so blessed by God
and truly He is leading us to those who are prepared and willing to
receive the gospel.

This Christmas season please remember to look towards the brightest
star- Jesus Christ. He will be your friend, your guide, and the best
helper in all the world.

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