Keilee Alldredge

Keilee Alldredge

Sunday, March 5, 2017

J-Dog and A-Line here to Stay. November 14, 2016

Wow! This week has been fantastic! I love Grants Pass! The Ward is
just fantastic and great and the people we are teaching are wonderful.

We have a family that just got baptized. The mom is Adrianne, and she
is married to Bill. They have two adorable kids and they just love the
gospel. We are having a good time meeting with them and they signed up
a lot to have us over for dinner. So we will be great friends by the
end. I love them so much! We are going to eat Thanksgiving dinner at
their house, so I'm excited for that too!

We are teaching a 12 year old boy about the church. His name is Noah,
and he has purple hair! Haha. Oregonians. He's on date to be baptized
on December 3, so it's fantastic! He loves the church! None of his
family are members, but they are supportive of his decision.

We are also teaching a young girl named Dasie. Her mom is a returning
member, and Dasie is getting baptized on Saturday! She is great too!

This weekend our tire pressure was way low (from 35 psi to 19...) and
after church on Sunday the elders went out to fill up the tire
again...and it was flat. So they put the spare on it and we got a new
tire today. ;)

We had a few people drop us this week. And our area Book is very
disorganized. So a lot of our time is spent finding, but we are
teaching a lot too! It's so wonderful!

Also, we live in an adorable cottage with a thousand leaves. It's so
cute! And Sister Jones is just amazing!

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