Keilee Alldredge

Keilee Alldredge

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mission Hangover. March 6, 2017

So this week wasn't as exciting as last week. We had a lot of
investigators drop us and many lessons fell through. So it was a
little rough. But we kept  good attitudes still! Last Monday we were
so tired from the awesome week that when we actually had time to sit
down, we were so tired. A mission hangover- it's a real thing! The
crazy thing was at the end of the week we got SNOW!!! So March is
coming in like a lion! 🦁

We had one lesson with Art and Lori. We taught them about the Plan of
Salvation, but didn't get too far because Art has a lot of questions
about Adam and Eve. And they are pretty crazy questions! But
it's all good. This has happened before where he had these deep
concerns and questions, but then he overcomes them through study and
the Spirit. Lori really understood it all, so she is coming along
great! The only problem is that they both got really really REALLY
sick. It's kind of  ridiculous. So we have been unable to meet with them
the rest of this week. We are praying for a miracle to happen. Art
said it best: "God would just show me the truth then just take me
home! He has a better plan in mind here!" I sure hope so!

On Wednesday, we saw SO MANY MIRACLES!!!! We found four new
investigators in two hours!! It was crazy! We just prayed super hard
for miracles. We had set the goal to find 8, and by the end of the
week we found 6 new! One is a guy named Tom (I know I know, we just
keep running into Toms, it's crazy!). But this Tom is super prepared
and awesome! He is dating a girl who is a member and so he is
sincerely interested in learning from us! We are so excited to teach
him this week! Then, on Saturday, we had a lesson with a couple- Brina
and David. We taught them the whole Restoration, and they told us how
they believe in the Godhead (them being separate) rather than the
trinity (all in one). We were shocked. "How did you come to that
knowledge?" "Well, it says it all through the Bible!!" We got some
truth seekers here! I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and
David was so happy. "See, you learned from God what is true. I like
that!" Sweet, well did you know the same thing can happen to you?
Just, read, ponder and pray. 😉

We also had zone conference this week and we learned some good stuff!
We also sang for the zone conference.

We stopped by last night to an investigator's home. They just had a 

baby, and she is adorable! Super small, but healthy and four days old!
They have a little daughter too and we took some pictures with her!

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