Keilee Alldredge

Keilee Alldredge

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Book of Mormon is True! January 16, 2017

Oh my goodness! This week was awesome! So get ready for the ride of awesomeness! 
Last Sunday, during planning, we decided that we wanted to go see a
woman named Pia. We had never met her before. Then on Monday, we went
to dinner with some members. They told us how they had a nonmember
come over to their house earlier and was struggling a lot. But she
accepted a blessing. We thought it was cool, then we asked what her
name was. "Pia." We were shocked!!! We kind of laughed but we thought it
was awesome that we followed the Spirit.  We went to see her as
planned. We told her about all the pieces that lead to us coming to
see her. She started to cry. She told us of her life and the struggles
she is going through. And we just listened. When the Spirit directed,
we shared a video and it was so powerful, it helped lift her up so
much. So when the Spirit directs, be courageous and follow those

Tuesday, before we left to go to lessons we felt prompted to bring our
hymn books. We came to a lesson with Art. He is so cool!!!! He is
totally going to be baptized! We read the testimony of the prophet of
him obtaining he plates. While we read, he stopped us and said: "No
one can make this up!" We taught him about Joseph Smith's First Vision,
and again, he was in shock of how awesome it is. We told him of how
Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are three separate
beings. He was a little against it, but as we kept talking, he began
to see how they were three separate people. He was struggling a lot,
and we pulled out our hymn books and sang Be Still My Soul. He was so
touched! He loved it! "Thank you girls, you are changing my life."
Later on in the week we had another lesson set up, but he got really
sick, so we had to cancel. But he told us that he had an amazing
experience with the Book of Mormon! We are so excited to see him

We had a lesson with Aredelia.  We taught her the Restoration and later
on in the week we taught her the Plan of Salvation. She is so cool and
prepared. She told us that she really understands it all, and she read
the first two chapters in Nephi!! She is solid!

This week, I too, had a powerful experience with the Book of Mormon. I
have finished reading it, and I turned back to the promise in Moroni
10. So I did as he directed. I pondered. I prayed. And I got an
answer. The Book of Mormon is true.

Trust in that promise. Read, ponder, pray in faith. Ask, and he shall
receive. We should be continuing to strive to develop our testimonies,
and to seek for that peace from the Book of Mormon. Then, share it. 

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