Keilee Alldredge

Keilee Alldredge

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Black Bears? Where? February 20,2017

This week we were super busy! Literally we would get to the end of the
day and have no idea where the day went! It's awesome! We are working
so hard, and the blessings are coming forth! I can't even explain all
that happened this week, but here are a few thoughts:

On Tuesday we had interviews, and it was so good to see President and
Sister Russell! They love us so much and it is such a blessing to
serve under their direction! President taught us about the Plan of
Salvation and it was really deep, but it was so cool!

We have had some good lessons! We met with a guy named Tom. He is
atheist and has so many questions. He hasn't ever gotten any answers
to questions he has, so he turned to science and philosophy to try to
find sense in the world. We wrote down his questions, and a lot of
them have to do with the Plan of Salvation. He has literally a mustard
seed of faith. He is willing to pray and to read the Book of Mormon.

We met with Art! He invited his wife over and we had a good lesson! We
read from the Book of Mormon and then taught about the pre earth life.
His wife, Lori, has a sincere desire to learn. They are both so cool!
We unfortunately were unable to meet again because of family issues
happening, but things will pan out!

We had exchanges this week! I was with Sister Schroeder, and we had so
much fun! We taught so many lessons, and met so many great people! It
was a rainy day and we walked around in it for two hours or so. But
because we were willing to walk, we met those people. It's so cool how
God can bless us that way. We had a lesson with a woman named Sheila.
She had some misconceptions about the Book of Mormon, so we read with
her from it. She mentioned something about family history and we were
all over that. I think we freaked her out with all the information we
threw at her about it. Gotta love family!

Finally, we had a lesson with Amy, and her daughter Morgan. Amy told
us how she has tried nearly every religion in the world, and none of
them have provided her with the help she wants. But she is willing to
try again. Her daughter on the other hand, is really close to the
spirit. She said how she feels warm and squishy on the inside when she
sees us. We explained that that was the spirit, and that she should
listen to what He says. They are such a sweet family and have a lot of

Satan came after us again. But with the experiences we had this week,
I am again reminded of the power and sacred calling we have as
missionaries. We are on the Lords errand, and as we are worthy, the
spirit will be on our side to lead us. It is amazing!

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