Keilee Alldredge

Keilee Alldredge

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Adventures. November 21, 2016

At Daisie's Baptism.
Sum up of the week: we killed two spiders in our apartment, the
sisters in our zone had their apartment flood, and we had a baptism!
Bring on the blessings!

We had many miracles of finding this week. One day we went tracting
and knocked on a door. No one answered, so we started to leave. Then a
car pulled up. "Hi. Oh, I already meet with the Jehovah Witnesses."
Me:" Would you like to hear what we say?"  She shrugged. "Sure" she
let us in. She told us of her life and cried a lot. We listened
mostly, but then shared a little bit of The Restoration. She is so
great! Her name is Monique. ;)

The sisters were moving out of their apartment and as they walked into
the new one, it had completely flooded!! 🌊 So they are staying with
us in our tiny cottage. 😊 it's super fun!!

We had a baptism on Saturday! Her name is Daisie, and she is 9, and
her mom is returning to church. We had a great time with her. I am so
grateful for the blessings of baptism!

We also had specialized training in Medford this week. President
taught us about developing the faith to find. We have seen so many
miracles this week, truly, people are being lead to us or we are being
lead to them. I am planning on studying more about finding and
developing more of that faith. We are going to achieve great things!

Hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving! 😜

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